Donald Marr, President and CEO of Diversified Investment Group

Donald Marr

A celebrated real estate developer with decades of domestic and international experience, Donald Marr is the chief executive officer and president of Diversified Investment Group. In the recent past, Donald Marr and his diverse team of experts have focused on developing high-value international properties, from exclusive residential properties to resorts. The firm currently owns thousands of acres of valuable land, as well as nonurban lots ripe for development.

As the head of Diversified Investment Group, Donald Marr has assembled a team with decades of combined experience in the fields of law, engineering, accounting, international brokerage, and administration, which works to identify prime business opportunities. Marr maintains oversight of all land acquisition while also managing current development projects.

The team’s work is currently focused on South and North America. In Nova Scotia, the firm is developing a green project that will focus around a Jack Nicklaus golf course. It is also developing a resort project in northeast Brazil in an environmentally sensitive manner.